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Six Ways to Miximize Your Fun While You Date

National First Date Statistics

It's Just Lunch, the premier dating service for busy professionals with 100 locations worldwide, surveyed 3,968 singles nationwide and found that 51% of men have had over 6 first dates in the past year, while 58% of women had had just 4 first dates in the past year.  Single women in the rest of the country should talk to the Southern women; 22% of single women in the South report they have had over 9 first dates in the past year.

With all of those first dates, how much are singles spending?  51% of men in the U.S. spend over $100 a month on dates, and 29% spend over $150.  82% of men in Los Angeles spend over $150 a month on dates.

Women are spending a lot less.  Nearly 2/3 of U.S. women spend less than $50 a month.  With all the first dates the Southern women are going on, they are not spending very much.  Over 75% of women in the South spend less than $50 a month on dates.